Furnace Repairs - Know About Annual Maintenance

07 Jan

Keeping your house warm is often a combination of being aware of the symptoms of a furnace malfunction and taking regular care of your furnace. Now you can begin to learn how to spot these symptoms by educating yourself on some of the more common furnace malfunctions and repairs. By educating yourself, you will be better prepared to act quickly when needed. Here are some of the telltale signs of trouble and some simple furnace repair tips.
*air leaks When your furnace is functioning properly, but the air quality is poor, this is usually an indication that a new furnace repair is needed. Improperly vented pipes or inadequate combustion areas are often the culprits here. To test for leaks, open or close all of the windows and turn on the heat. If there is little or no warmth to be gained, then these plumbing issues may be causing poor winter months air quality.

*excessive debris in the air When your furnace filters need to be changed, but the fans and blowers are not doing the job, this is another sign that you need to contact a professional for furnace repairs. If the filters are clogged, but the fans are still running, then this could indicate that your blower motor has a problem. Filters can be replaced but if your heating and cooling system are also failing this could mean that your system is severely worn out and may require furnace repairs. It's a good idea to replace both elements. Energy bills will skyrocket once you've replaced your old units with new energy efficient models. Research more on these options for  furnace repairs now. 

*ongoing problems with your thermostat When your thermostat doesn't shut down completely or control the heat to a minimum, this indicates that there are some issues with your regular maintenance. Your contractor can come out and take a look at your system to diagnose what's wrong. A repair can be made or your contractor can find a part that will resolve the issue and make your heating and cooling units run more effectively. This is an important part of furnace maintenance as a neglected or worn out thermostat can cause excessive wear and tear that will affect your ability to keep your house warm. The cost of having your furnace repairs made can be very expensive and you will see an increase in your energy bills when the repairs are made.

Once you know the signs of worn-out units and have determined that furnace repairs are necessary, you should also have a checklist of routine maintenance tasks that should be performed on a regular basis. Some of the things that should be scheduled are: cleaning of the outside surfaces of the unit, the cleaning of the interior surfaces and coils, replacing any filters, oiling and cleaning the components and more. Your annual estimate should include any of these items and an estimate of the estimated costs of repairing any issues. You'll want to read more on furnace repair solutions today. 

In most cases, it is not wise to wait until you experience a major problem with your heating unit before you schedule furnace repairs. If you discover a problem right away, you can usually get it fixed or prevented from getting worse before it gets worse. You may have to call your HVAC contractor if the issue is too severe for a standard inspection. Most contractors offer a complete heating and HVAC service and will be able to give you an estimated cost for repairing the issue. Do check out furnace options here: https://www.questionsanswered.net/article/_10-best-rated-gas-furnaces?ad=dirN&qo=serpIndex&o=740012

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